Architecture of urban discord. 2009-2010

"The work in Architecture of Urban Discord is an investigation of the Rowner housing estate in Gosport, Portsmouth, England, which has fallen into decline and is now due for regeneration. The estate fell into decline during the 1980s and 90s through a lack of investment. Drug problems and anti social behavior resulted in the material and social fabric of the area collapsing, leading some commentators to label it the Worst Estate in the South East of England. Investigating this marginalized space I am interested in exploring ideas of displacement and a collapse of a sense of community or sense of place. The photographs show rows of boarded up houses, ruins that represent the demise of certain social ideologies, here history has been suspended, waiting for the next phase of urban design to take shape. This project was produced for a collaborative body of work called Degeneration by a group of photographers called Human Endeavour. Degeneration is an investigation of various housing estates across Britain. Each photographer chose a different area to photograph, these included Glasgow, Edinburgh, Salford, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Cardiff and Portsmouth.

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